1.10 What is the fox rabies situation in your country?

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Captured fox cubs

Prior to initiating operational control activities, each country must first define the fox rabies situation in their country in terms of rabies reservoirs and rabies variants. It is very important to determine the true reservoir species in order to plan for rabies management and control in the target species in the most effective way.

Possible scenarios include the following:
1. Rabies is present, and is either maintained in red foxes or is common in red foxes but maintained in other species.
2. Red fox rabies has been absent for a number of years but re-introductions are possible.
3. Scarce information is available because no surveillance measures are in place.
4. Unknown. How do I find out? Click here to see the global distribution of rabies, e.g. neighbouring countries.

Only an epidemiological assessment will answer the question about where fox rabies is present. For OIE/WHO recommended laboratory techniques to collect surveillance data click here.

Click here to see the global distribution of rabies.


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