1.13 What is involved in a fox rabies control plan?

The ultimate objectives of an ORV programme should be to eliminate fox rabies from a given area, and to keep this area free from the disease indefinitely. However, there are situations where the rabies management objectives for a ORV program can differ and may be focused on control, containment or protection (see

This Part of the Blueprint for Rabies Prevention and Control will guide you through what you can do to achieve these objectives. An effective ORV programme should involve two phases: an attack phase (the elimination project) and a maintenance phase. Different techniques and strategies will be needed in the two phases.

However, the inclusion of rabies surveillance and adherence to proven principles are essential for both. It is strongly suggested that government and other entities that fund ORV programmes emphasise the importance of a maintenance phase to ensure long-term success.

If fox rabies is present in your country, there are a number of steps you need to consider to achieve the objectives described above. You can access guidelines specific to each component of the process either by using the left navigation bar or by using the Site Map.

If fox rabies has been suddenly re-introduced into an area after a period of absence, see sections 5.6.7 and 5.6.8 for specific guidelines on contingency planning.


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