3.2.11 What laws and recommendations are available for pet importation?

Veterinary Services (domestic animals) and natural resource agencies (wildlife) (depending on the country) have a key role in preventing the introduction of rabies into rabies-free areas or into a rabies-free country. Any country should have legislation specifying the requirements for live dog importation. General recommendations on safe dog importation are described in the provisions on trade with dogs, available here.

Click here for model veterinary certificates for the importation of dogs and cats, provided by the veterinary authority of the exporting country, in particular countries affected by rabies.

The EU has implemented special legislation regarding the commercial and non-commercial movement of pets within the EU and from external countries. This includes travellers’ points of entry, approved laboratories for serological rabies testing, and a model health certificate for non-commercial movements of dogs, cats and ferrets from third countries into the EU.

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