What do I need to know about the non-target species?

An important difference between ORV and mass dog parenteral vaccination campaigns is the fact that, during ORV campaigns, vaccine baits are distributed in the environment instead of being administered directly to the target species. Therefore, in theory, all animal species present in a given area have equal access to the baits distributed, as it is almost impossible to develop fox-specific baits. As a result, non-target animal species represent a potential bait competitor.

Knowledge about the abundance of potential bait competitors can help to estimate and refine the appropriate bait density for maximum efficacy. By manipulating certain bait characteristics (taste, form, etc.) and how often bait is distributed, bait consumption by non-target species can be reduced. However, before actually distributing bait in the field, it is important to identify the most important bait competitors and environmental factors, and these will likely be different for each region.


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