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Flight services (pilots, co-pilots), as follows:
• planning flight routes, selecting airports and aircraft; flight permissions (flight licences, national parks, military areas, nuclear plants, etc.);
• bait distribution (exclusion zones, flight altitude, flight speed, potential fatal incidence – poor weather conditions and risks when flying at low altitude);
• Reporting and documenting non-flying zones for ORV-coordinators.

All persons at increased risk of rabies exposure
• Recommendations should be in place for people at increased risk of rabies exposure, e.g. forestry officers, veterinarians, hunters etc., including groups who work with rabies virus. The recommendations should include: (i) how to handle wildlife or domestic animals suspected of being rabid, (ii) how to collect and ship samples for rabies diagnosis, (iii) how to prevent rabies virus infections and (iv) actions to be taken in case of an exposure.
• Click here for international guidelines on biosafety and biosecurity.

Law enforcement bodies (e.g. lawyers, police and animal welfare inspectors).


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