What baits are available?

The first baits used for oral vaccination of foxes were chicken heads. The capsules with the vaccine were slid underneath the skin of the chicken heads. The preparation of these baits was very labour intensive and therefore unsuitable for large-scale use. In 1985, the first machine-made bait was produced.

These vaccines were produced as a blister or capsule embedded in a bait casing based on animal fat and meal. Later, similar baits and polymer-based baits were manufactured, but the basic concept did not change significantly. European guidelines recommend that preference be given to baits containing no proteins derived from (terrestrial) animals.

For this reason, fish meal and other bases are currently used. Currently, baits for other target species have been developed. For raccoons, for example, coated sachets have been developed where the vaccine capsule is dipped in a sauce of attractants. Enrobed sachets for raccoons are similar, but are covered with a thin layer of attractants.


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