How do I start an ORV programme for fox rabies control?

It is recommended that an ORV Task Force be formed with representatives of relevant agencies and key stakeholders. It is essential to bring the main stakeholders together and to inform them not only about the ORV programme but also about individual responsibilities. In most cases, this will be an initiative of the national authorities (public health, agriculture or wildlife agencies).

However, this depends on the responsibilities at national level (see 2.1.). It is advisable to select a (national) coordinator and a supporting team. Select the vaccination area on the basis of epidemiological data and financial viability, and prepare a detailed work plan and budget, and a tender for purchase of oral rabies vaccine baits (example EU tender electronic daily here).

It is important to obtain approval for the work plan and finances from the appropriate authorities. After these initial steps, the campaigns can be prepared at regional level, beginning with a meeting to inform all regional stakeholders (laboratory responsible for rabies diagnosis in proposed vaccination area, regional veterinary and medical officers, hunting officials or equivalent wildlife service officers, etc.).


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