What is the aim of an ORV programme?

The aim of ORV programmes can vary considerably depending on several factors:

Control: in this case the main goal is the reduction or temporary elimination of fox rabies, as complete elimination is not possible for various reasons (epidemiological / public health /political / financial needs) yet.

Containment: the purpose of this strategy is to prevent further spread of fox rabies to areas which have not yet been infected.

Protection: this goal will have a similar approach to containment, except that the aim is to prevent neighbouring endemic areas from re-infecting rabies-free areas or areas which have recently been made free of rabies.

Elimination: the ultimate goal of this approach is sustained elimination of fox rabies in a defined geographic area, and therefore to keep it free from the disease. Under certain circumstances, this strategy must be followed by ‘protection’.

Depending on the epidemiological situation and on political will, there can be transitions from one goal to another. In any case, the aim of the ORV programme should be clearly communicated, and the key to success is planning a vaccination strategy.


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