What is the minimum size for a vaccination area?

If it is not possible to start with a large-scale approach, the minimum size of a vaccination area should not be less than 5000 km² (see also here). Only in specific, unique landscapes or special conditions such as infected islands, infected peninsulas or infected valleys, should a smaller area be considered.

Again, general considerations for planning of vaccination areas (see should be followed. If a smaller vaccination area is chosen, there is minimal opportunity to control or eliminate rabies. Therefore, the overall vision should be to continuously enlarge the vaccination area in future years, in order to cover the entire endemic area.

This can be accomplished either by a continuous extension of the size of the initial vaccination area, or by shifting vaccination areas from freed areas to areas where the disease is still endemic. In the latter case, it is essential that new vaccination areas overlap with existing ones (25 - 30 km).


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