How often should ORV campaigns be conducted?

The number of ORV campaigns required depends on the local situation. In most areas in Europe, baits have been distributed twice a year (spring and autumn), but good results have also been documented for a single annual campaign in regions with low fox densities or in unfavourable climatic conditions (e.g. Finland, Turkey, Canada, USA – Texas, click here).

In contrast, under certain conditions, e.g. an emergency situation where a former rabies-free area is re-infected and the disease spreads rapidly to unvaccinated fox populations, multiple campaigns can be implemented successfully with short (six-week) intervals (e.g. Austria, Germany, click here), or emergency vaccination can be successfully conducted between regular campaigns to prevent further spread of the disease (e.g. Italy, winter 2009/2010, click here).

It is important to continue distributing baits at least two years after the last indigenously acquired rabies case has been reported. This is a safety interval to guarantee rabies has effectively been eliminated in the vaccination area.


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