What type of aircraft are appropriate for ORV campaigns?

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In general, aerial distribution of baits can be accomplished by using either fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters. In either case, however, suitable and cost-effective aircraft should be used, and ultra-light aircraft do not fulfil these requirements. Different fixed-winged aircraft, e.g. Cessna C 172, Antonow 2 (AN 2), Piper PA-28, Piper j-3, DHC-6 Twin Otter, PZL-104 "Wilga" 35A have been used in ORV campaigns in Europe and North America.

In contrast to fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters amplify the costs of aerial distribution enormously. For reasons of economy, therefore, the exclusive use of helicopters is not justifiable. On the other hand, helicopters are more mobile, and allow more targeted bait dropping and may therefore be helpful in cases where it is not feasible to use fixed-wing aircraft, such as in fragmented landscapes or difficult topographical terrain (high mountains).


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