How can the quality of baits/vaccine be evaluated?

Data on temperature stress tests (temperature stability) for any vaccine virus used in ORV programmes should be provided either by the manufacturer or preferably by independent rabies laboratories. A visual inspection of the baits, e.g. checking the integrity of the bait casing should be performed at arrival. Documents certifying the releasing titre as well as recordings of temperature loggers in the transport vehicle should be checked. In any case, the vaccine titre should again be determined before distribution in the field to see whether there have been any adverse effects on the vaccine potency occurred during storage and transport.

Vaccine titration can be conducted by any experienced but independent laboratory (preferably national licensing authorities, national or international reference laboratories for rabies (WHO, OIE, or EU-RL), and should be conducted in compliance with the manufacturer’s SOPs to avoid unwanted variations in vaccine titre due to modifications in titration protocols.


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