5.5.1 Why is it important to evaluate ORV campaigns and/or undertake setback analysis?

Although fox rabies control is cost-effective compared to simply preventing human rabies using pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis a considerable amount of money needs to be spent to eliminate or control fox rabies. To be as effective and as cost-efficient as possible, comprehensive evaluation of ORV campaigns is essential.

There are a number of reasons (see section 5.5.2) why ORV campaigns can fail to meet expectations or even fail completely. As a result, setbacks can occur that can severely hamper rabies control and eventual elimination. Additionally money has to be spent to cope with such situations. It is therefore important to conduct a comprehensive setback analysis, taking into account gaps in provision and reasons for failure.

This will allow the authorities to react swiftly, and the vaccination strategy can be adapted accordingly. Please note that a setback analysis is not possible if data and results are not documented correctly in the first place.


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