5.5.16 Who is responsible for what?

Veterinary authorities or wildlife services are responsible for (i) the proper planning and organisation of sampling, (ii) for educating hunters, trappers, rangers, forest officers or landowners on the importance of rabies surveillance and monitoring ORV campaigns, (iii) the assignment of suitable collection points and provision of adequate storage facilities or equipment (-20°C freezers or other cooling systems) for the storage of carcasses, (iv) documentation of baseline data for submitted animals (see sections 5.5.5; 5.5.6; 5.5.7), (v) the shipment of carcasses and transmission of data sheets to the responsible regional or national veterinary laboratory, and (vi) the payment of incentives for compensation of private costs for the transport of carcasses to the collection points.

They should also collect any other information that might be useful for evaluating ORV campaigns.

Hunters, rangers, forestry officers or landowners are in charge of submitting target, as well as non-target animals to the assigned collection points.


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