5.5.2 What reasons could there be for setbacks?

When setbacks occur, usually disease managers first question the quality of the vaccine baits (vaccine / bait casing). This is often the easy way out, especially when registered and licensed modified life virus vaccine have been used and there have been adequate quality control for vaccine baits (see section 5.3.8).

Examples of setback analysis from a number of countries have identified numerous other reasons for failure, such as violation of or unjustified variation from basic ORV principles, limited financial resources, no long-term planning, missing links in the chain of command, no cross-border activities, small-scale vaccination, no complementary hand baiting, early cessation of ORV, inadequate bait distribution, no epidemiological analysis, other disease priorities, decreasing awareness, inadequate surveillance, missing quality control of vaccines, no maintenance of cold chain, no assessment of aerial distribution of baits, no exchange of information, demotivated hunters and no adaptation of the vaccination strategy.


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