5.6.2 How can adequate funding be secured?

Adequate financial support is a prerequisite for the long-term sustainability of ORV programmes. Written agreements should be drawn up to ensure that the MoH and MoA allocate sufficient and adequate funding for activities beyond the duration of the ORV programme.

Therefore, early planning for sustainability will include long-term costs for strengthening the health system and additional costs for rabies elimination efforts; evaluation of current budgets and capacities (national and international); financial and human resource needs; individual and societal benefits; cost-effectiveness and affordability of the proposed eradication effort and specific cost criteria for evaluating the performance of the control effort. Basically, in all rabies control initiatives, it is more cost efficient to control rabies in the animal reservoir than to have to spend increasing resources on pre - and post-exposure prophylaxis for humans, pets and livestock.

In addition to cost-benefit analyses as a form of assessing the value of a rabies prevention campaign, there is immeasurable value in reducing the perceived risk of the disease in a community.


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