Communications relating to ORV against raccoon rabies

The following materials have been shared by the USDA Wildlife Services National Rabies Management program.

Information for the public:
Poster for Rabies Management Area

PDF - 238.6 kb
Management Area Poster

Information card on ORV baits

PDF - 151.9 kb
ORV Bait information

Information Leaflet: “Preventing the Spread of Raccoon Rabies”

PDF - 910.8 kb
Raccoon Rabies Brochure

Question and Answer Factsheet: Rabies and Oral Rabies Vaccination

PDF - 37.7 kb
Questions and Answers on ORV

Factsheet on Oral Rabies Vaccination Program in the East

PDF - 152.6 kb
ORV Campaign Factsheet

Factsheet on Mobile Rabies Command Post

PDF - 115.6 kb
Mobile Command Unit Information

Information sheet “Preventing Wildlife Rabies Saves Lives and Money”

PDF - 634.2 kb
Economics of ORV campaigns

Operational information:
A check-list for ORV Campaign Public Notification and Media

PDF - 199.9 kb
ORV Campaign checklist


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