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Welcome to Fox Rabies Blueprint

The Blueprint for Fox Rabies Prevention and Control has been developed by global rabies experts to serve as a guide for countries that would like to prevent human rabies by controlling or eliminating fox rabies within their borders, using the oral rabies vaccination (ORV) strategy.

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Young Fox with bait - Photo from Ulrich Herbst

The Blueprint brings together relevant information on rabies prevention from specific International Health Organizations, published data from the field, and includes case reports for closer examination of how human rabies can be prevented through effective fox rabies control and elimination. This Blueprint is not meant to replace existing material or national guidelines but rather is meant to serve as an easy to use guide to assist countries in understanding how to prevent and control rabies.

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Vaccine baits suitable for red foxes

How to use the Blueprint for Rabies Prevention and Control:

The Blueprint is applicable for countries where rabies is present and also for countries where rabies has been re-introduced after a period of absence. The information is organized in a simple Q&A format. It contains concise clear key messages, and includes links to specific documents and websites for more information if so required.

It is divided into 5 main sections:

- Introduction
- Roles and Responsibilities
- Infrastructure, legislative framework, costs and funding
- Communications plan
- Operational activities

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Suggested citation for this resource:
Partners for Rabies Prevention (2012). Blueprint for Fox Rabies Prevention and Control. Available at


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