1.11 What management techniques are available for controlling fox rabies?

Below is a summary of management techniques available for controlling fox rabies. Full details of these measures are provided throughout the document.

Elimination of a reservoir species, e.g. foxes, is impractical, expensive, ecologically unacceptable (unless it is an introduced species) and ethically unacceptable. In almost all cases, attempts to control fox rabies through drastic reduction of fox populations has proven to be ineffective, and is generally not considered socially acceptable in most situations for wildlife disease control.

The only effective approach to controlling fox rabies is the implementation of mass vaccination of free-ranging foxes (ORV) as described in this section. Studies have shown that a vaccination coverage of at least 70% of the fox population will result in control of rabies. However, the target vaccination rate may be higher or even lower, depending on the prevailing abundance of foxes.


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