What are the pros and cons of aerial versus manual bait distribution?

The main advantage of aerial distribution is that it is less labour intensive. Under certain conditions a single person can deliver thousands and thousands of baits in one day. This method is therefore more cost-effective. Furthermore, it is possible to document every bait dropped automatically. This offers unique possibilities for evaluating the campaign and identifying possible ‘hot spots’

However, baits cannot be dropped at precise locations, so in areas around human settlements, baits cannot be prevented from landing close to humans. Therefore, in these areas baits should be distributed by hand to make sure that the whole area is covered.

The major drawback of hand distribution is that it is labour intensive. In most cases, a single person can only deliver a small number of baits per day. There are no automatic control systems for documenting bait distribution.

In the past, it has been shown that when ORV campaigns take place over a period of many years, there is a certain weariness among the people distributing the baits by hand and this can sometimes lead to inconsistent bait distribution.


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