What are the responsibilities of the flight service?

It is of utmost importance that flight services selected for aerial distribution of baits be registered, and hold a valid flight licence and operating licence (type approval, insurance) for all aircraft they intend to use. These documents need to be provided or shown on request. The flight service is responsible for applying for flight permission from national aeronautical authorities or National/Federal Aviation Offices.

It is also responsible for selecting appropriate and cost-effective aircraft, providing suitable equipment for dropping bait, identifying no-flying zones, technical aspects of planning aerial distribution for upcoming vaccination campaigns according to information provided by veterinary authorities or wildlife services, and the selection of appropriate flight staff. Pilots should have sufficient experience to allow timely distribution of baits, even in unfavourable weather conditions.

Flight services must train flight staff thoroughly on the proper use of GPS-systems, flight route planning software and bait-dropping devices. They are also responsible for calculating the costs of aerial distribution. To be cost-effective, cost estimates or calculations should be based on flight miles rather than on the number of flight hours estimated for doing the job.


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