How can the baiting/distribution be assessed?

The proper disposition of baits in the target area is of great importance to insure the success of the ORV campaign. For aerial distribution, ideally GPS-connected dropping devices should be used that allow assessing the bait distribution on the ground (for more details see here). If an automated dropping device is not installed, recording the flight lines of the aircraft will only provide a rough estimate of the area covered, and will not provide accurate information on where the baits have actually been dropped. Another possibility to check the performance of the aerial service is to recalculate and check the number of baits per flight versus the flight distance.

This evaluation should be made instantly, and areas identified as not having been covered adequately should then be covered aerially again or in case of non-flying zones, parks, etc. be baited from the ground as a complementary measure. For hand baited areas, an assessment of marked maps or the use of small GPS-devices can indicate the progress and quality of performance. However, encouragement and motivation should take priority over controlling individual performance, as this method relies on the commitment of the people involved.


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